Institution refers to a place or Organized body in order to promote education under accurate guidance, equipments and methods of evaluation. Each professional institute renders different services and their aim is universal to bring out professionals with their maximum competencies.

        Nursing profession is much more comprehensive and unique is itself. As it is concerned with the promotion of health which is a boon to humanity.

Thought Heading -  “Health means a lot more than escape from death for that matter escape from disease.”


          To achieve health & prosperity, we “Mata Gujri Institute of Nursing” accept the challenge for image building of nursing profession, which is a profession to assist the individual sick or well in performance of hose activities, which contribute, to his health. To combat the barriers of health “Mata Gujri Institute of Nursing, Sangrur is a premier enterprise in the field of health education. The institute had been established in 2006 by proficient educationists who are just on move to endeavour best platform for nursing students.

        Under the theme to channelize all the qualities and ethics of Nursing Profession in the students. During training period institution is conventionally located about 2 KMs. away from heart of City Sangrur. It is situated at Sangrur Barnala Road, Opp. Reliance Petrol Pump.

        The institution is imparting 3 ˝  years diploma course in general nursing and midwifery. This institution was established at Sangrur, in 2006 after obtaining no objection certificate from Govt. of Punjab vide letter No. 2/14/04-6HB-III/3354 dated 2005, Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi Certificate No. 18-26/2794-INC dated 29th July 2008.  

       Mata Gujri School of Nursing, Sangrur is a premier enterprise in the field of Health Education in this educationally backward Malwa Region of Punjab. It has  been promoted by a group of enlightened educationists who are motivated by a strong spirit of social commitment. Their ultimate aim is to establish an elaborate Set up of Medical and Nursing Education institute to contribute for meaningful employment for girls of Punjab and in the development of our country in the field of health education . The institute is imparting 3 1/2 years  Diploma Course in General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM). This is established at Sangrur, in 2006 after obtaining No Objection Certificate from Govt. of Punjab. Vide Letter No. 2/14/04-6HB-III/Dated 2 Aug. 2005 & 2006-INC Dated 24 July/2006 & obtaining affiliation from PNRC, Chandigarh Vide Letter PNRC/2006/14753 dated 21 July 2006 Chandigarh.


In this nursing more stress is given on clinical/practical training of students and to fulfill their need we have got sanction Letter from DHS Chandigarh of various Govt. Hospitals in Sangrur, Sunam, Bhawanigarh, Longowal & Dhuri.

1.   Rajindra Hospital Patiala.

2.   Mata Kaushalya Hospital Patiala

3.   Govt. Mental Hospital, Amritsar

4.   Govt. Mental Hospital, Ganganagar

5.   Civil Hospital, Sangrur

6.   Civil Hospital, Barnala

7.   Civil Hospital, Malerkotla

8.   Civil Hospital, Sunam

9.   Civil Hospital, Dhuri

10.  CHC Longowal

11.  Baba Aapo Aap Hospital, Sangrur   

Improvement of individual by ability.

  • Encourage peer severance and achievement.  
  • Non competitive participation is voluntary.
  • Freedom of choice
  • Relevant to the changing needs of students.
  • No discrimination, open to all.

Targets Under Consideration

To ensure the norms and ethics of Nursing, The institute manifest the following targets.

  • To introduce the profession, its boundaries and its maintenance.
  • To provide quality education system of best practical and academic training.
  • Provision of activities, services and resources which support them in ventilating their hidden talent.
  • To provide them with a blend of current and old techniques to promote the care at optimum level.
  • To enable them to lead a veracious, disciplined life.


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